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Acoustic fabric


The glass walls and partitions can cause sounds to bounce back and forth with an uncomfortably long reverberation (reverb and echo). Acoustic fabric is the most cost effective way to dampen this effect and help to create a pleasant sound environment in the padel hall. The textile is brushed (feathered) on both sides. This causes the sound waves to turn into heat as they are transported through the fabric, creating a sound absorbing effect.

We work mainly with pleated fabrics, hung from the ceiling or from wall mounted rails, which create the optimal acoustic environment for games. If you hang acoustic fabric between the playing areas, to an approximate height of 3 – 4.5m, they also act as ball stops and help to shield players from distracting lights from other areas. We are on hand to help you through every stage of ordering and installation!

Noise reduction:

Great noise reducing effect




100% Cotton

Surface treatment:

Brushed on both sides for increased sound absorption


Light grey, middle grey, anthracite, black and many more.

Flame retardant:

DIN 4102 B1 + M1