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Acoustic panel 120


Acoustic tile 120 is the industry’s most cost effective product and is found throughout sports halls across Sweden. This design offers the most sound dampening for the least cost. This product meets the highest fire regulations, offers superb sound dampening and is quick and easy to install.

With padel and sports arenas, Acoustic panel 120 can be used to cover the ceiling entirely or at strategic intervals.  A 50mm acoustic panel mounted with an air gap behind (matching the panel thickness) will provide better sound reduction than a 100mm acoustic plate (same material) mounted close to the wall. The spacing from the wall is just as important as the thickness of the panels.

When it comes to halls with load bearing metal roofs, the tiles are fastened close to the ceiling with insulating screws and 50mm washers. A 120x120cm acoustic panel is securely held by four screws with washers. The advantage of corrugated metal roofs is not only their ease of installation, but also the creation of an air gap across 50% of the surface due to the “wave shaped” design.


1200 x 1200mm / 1200 x 600mm


For ceiling mounting

Sound absorption:

High Sound absorption


50mm / 100mm


Nature, white, grey or black


Stone wool + Fiber glass wool

Flame retardant:

A1, EN 13501-1