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Carpet tiles Lux


Carpet tiles offer a balance of affordability and practicality. The tiles can be laid quickly and easily without visible joints using tapefix or double sided tape. Textile tiles are more durable and longer lasting than the equivalent needle felt mat. They are also highly effective at dampening sound due to the rubber backing and dense nylon material used in their manufacture. 

They are also easy to remove and replace, as they can be individually pried from the floor as required. Simply apply the glue on the reverse, which remains tacky when it dries, and for a single pattern lay the tiles in the same direction as the arrows on the back, or alternate for a chequerboard pattern.

Wear resistance:

Highest wear resistance, class 33

Flame protection:



50 x 50 cm or 100 x 100 cm

Noise reduction:

Great noise reducing effect


Tufted Pilé loop